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High-quality aggregate requires good equipment, and Huayi Engineering’s latest sand making machine i


Sand for construction is divided into two categories: natural sand and manufactured sand. With the tightening of natural sand and gravel resources and the increasing environmental protection, the country has strengthened the construction of ecological civilization. Machine-made sand has gradually become the main source of sand for construction in my country, and its proportion currently accounts for more than 80%.

The quality of machine-made sand on the market varies, and inferior machine-made sand not only affects the progress of project construction, but also brings serious quality hazards. High-quality manufactured sand is favored by the construction engineering market because of its advantages such as low mud content, good particle shape, small void ratio, and more reasonable gradation.
High-quality development is unstoppable

In addition, the country has proposed to build a quality country. This measure has continuously raised the requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, engineering construction and environmental protection. It also urges the machine-made sand industry to develop towards intelligent, green and high-quality development.

The quality of machine-made sand is mainly determined by raw materials and production technology. High-quality raw materials combined with advanced production technology can produce high-quality machine-made sand with good gradation, round grain shape and reasonable stone powder content.

Huayi Engineering has always insisted on building a brand with quality, and absorbed many years of R&D experience and technical concepts to design and manufacture the latest VSI series of vertical shaft impact crushers.

The latest VSI series vertical shaft impact crusher adopts a new four-port impeller design structure and a special sealing structure to prevent oil leakage in the bearing barrel. It is a new type of sand making and crushing equipment with multiple national patent technologies. It has the characteristics of energy saving, long service life and wide application. Features such as wide range of products help large sand farms gradually move towards large-scale and centralized production to meet the country’s requirements for environmental protection and production capacity.

Core Advantages Strong Support

1 High crushing efficiency
The impeller structure adopts a new four-port design to increase the material throughput and the probability of collision between materials. The crushing efficiency of the four-port impeller for the same material is increased by 20% compared with the traditional three-port impeller.

2 Long service life
The brand-new internal structure design has obtained two national patent technologies, which reduces the loss of the internal impeller during the accelerated movement of materials. Compared with previous equipment, the service life of some wear-resistant parts of the impeller is increased by 30 to 200% under the conditions of crushing the same material. wait.

3 Easy to maintain
A lifting arm is added, which is coaxial with the lifting arm to facilitate the maintenance of the impeller and bearing barrel.

4. Stable operation
The bearings adopt imported bearings and thin oil lubrication to improve the stability of bearing operation. At the same time, indirect detection of transmission system faults is achieved through the return oil temperature.

If you have any equipment needs, please feel free to contact us, Huayi Engineering will serve you wholeheartedly!

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