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Can stone be made into sand? What kind of professional sand making equipment is feasible? Can sand


1. Small stone crushing machine

Stone crushing machines are also called crushers and stone crushers. They are mainly used to process various large pieces of ore into stones of different specifications, such as 05, 12, 13 stones, etc. The output ranges from 1 to 3000 tons. This is mainly for novices. Users and owners of small-scale sand and gravel plants introduced several cost-effective small stone crushing machines. The detailed equipment types, product pictures, prices and model parameters are listed below:


Several commonly used small stone crusher equipment_Equipment pictures and model parameter tables
The machines commonly used in the market for crushing stone are mainly divided into the following types: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, compound crusher, roller crusher, etc. The characteristics and scope of application of these machines will be introduced in detail below.
Jaw Crusher
The output is 1-1000t/h. It is generally used for head crushing. It adopts the working principle of extrusion crushing and is suitable for materials with a compressive strength of 147-350 MPa. Because of its deep crushing cavity, there will be no dead zone and the raw material particle size is large. There is no need to worry about material clogging. At the same time, wedges are used to adjust the discharge opening. The particle size of the finished product can be adjusted and the particle size is uniform. The integrated structure of the motor base and the host makes installation easy and saves space. Therefore, it can be seen in many sand and gravel plants and stone quarry plants. to its figure.

Jaw Crusher
Model Feeding opening(mm) Max. feeding size  (mm) Adjustable discharge opening (mm)  Capacity  (tph) Power  (kW) Weight  (t)
PE-250x400 250x400 210 20-80 5--20 15 2.8
PE-400x600 400x600 340 40-100 16-60 30 7
PE-500x750 500x750 425 50-100 40-110 55 12
PE-600x900 600x900 500 65-160 90-180 55 17
PE-750x1060 750x1060 630 80-140   110-320   110 29
PE-900x1200 900x1200 780 195-280 220-450 110-132 51
PE-1200x1500 1200x1500 1020 150-300 400-800 160-220 100.9
PE-1000x1200 1000x1200 850 195-280 280-550 110-132 51
PEX-150x750 150x750 120 18-48 8--25 15 3.5
PEX-250x1000 250x1000 210 25-60 16-52 30-37 6.5
PEX-250x1200 250x1200 210 25-60 20-61 37-45 8.52
PEX-300x1300 300x1300 250 20-90 10-65 75 13.5
Note: The output will vary depending on different materials, feed particle size and other factors.
hammer crusher
The capacity is 3-55t/h. It relies on impact to crush materials. It is suitable for crushing medium-low hardness and brittle materials. The gap of the grate bars can be adjusted to change the discharge particle size to meet different production needs. The finished product has good particle shape and is energy-saving and low-consumption. .
small hammer crusher
规格 处理能力(t/h) 电机功率 (kw)
PC 400×300 3-10 4P 11
PC 600×400 6-22 4P 22
PC 800×600 10-40 4P 55
PC 1000×800 15-50 4P 75
PC 1000×1000 18-75 4P 90
PC 1200×1200 22-95 4P 132
Note: The output will vary depending on different materials, feed particle size and other factors.
Compound crusher
The capacity is 5-100t/h. It can crush hard materials with high moisture content. There is no screen bar setting. Materials containing large amounts of sediment will not be blocked. Unbreakable materials entering the machine body can be automatically discharged without causing damage to the equipment. Start working Consumable parts can be easily replaced on the warehouse door, making maintenance convenient.
Compound crusher
规格 处理能力(t/h) 电机功率(kw)
800 5-15 4P 30
1000 10-30 4P 55
1250 17-60 6P 132
1500 25-80 8P 160
1750 30-100 8P 200
Roller crusher
Capacity 5-110t/h, feed ≤30mm, small sand making equipment, relying on two rollers moving in opposite directions for crushing, strong crushing capacity, good particle shape of finished product, less over-crushing content, the discharge can be changed by adjusting the roller gap Granularity, easy to operate.
Roller Crusher
型号 2PG0425 2PG0640 2PG0740 2PG0850 2PG1060 2PG1260 2PG1560
辊直径(mm) Ф400 Ф600 Ф700 Ф800 Ф1000 Ф1200 Ф1500
辊宽(mm) 250 400 400 500 600 600 600
入料粒度(mm) ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30
排料口(mm) 2-8 2-8 2-8 2-8 2-10 2-10 2-10
处理能力(t/h) 3-10 5-20 10-30 15-40 20-50 25-70 30-110
配动力型号 Y132M-6 Y180L-6 Y200L-4 Y225M-4 Y250M-4 Y315M-6 Y315L-6
电机功率(kw) 5.5×2 15×2 30×2 45×2 55×2 75×2 110×2
2How much does a small stone crushing machine cost?

From the above we can see that there are many types of small stone crushing machines, so the prices are different, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It is recommended to consult specific merchants for detailed quotations.
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